Saturday, May 26, 2007

Winning in the Margins

I wanted to introduce you all to a new feauture from Bookwise. It's called Winning in the Margins, and is rolled into one compelling presentation on the website Richard Paul Evans, the New York Times Bestselling Author, and self-made millionaire discusses his family's financial turmoil as he was growing up, and how meeting a millionaire at age 12 changed his life for the better. From nothing, he made a life and a legacy, and now, Richard Paul Evans is sharing his methods with the world.

The Christmas Box by RIchard Paul Evans

I was skeptical at first about this new Winning in the Margins site, but honestly, I am impressed. And if I wasn't already a President of my own Bookwise Company, I'd join all over again. If anything, this presentation just reiterates that I did a very smart thing when I became a part of the Bookwise Revolution. And I have no doubt that many others will feel the same way!

So, why don't you pop on over to Winning in the Margins and check it out. You'll be asked for a passkey to enter the presentation, so just enter *bookwise4u* and you will be set. It's free and there is no risk involved, just a few minute of your precious time that could change your life, if you let it!

Winning in the Margins

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Books from Bookwise

I wanted to give you all a sample of the great books that can be purchased via Bookwise for considerable discounts, so I plan to post mini-book reviews here.

  • I just finished reading I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark. This was a typically good little mystery, more of what MHC is known for. There is murder, infedelity, long-unsolved crimes, gambling debts and a sweet, yet naive woman in the center of it all. I read this book in one sitting, which means that I was hooked fairly easily into the plot. Take this one along to the beach, or for lazing in a hammock one vacation day.

    Mary Higgins Clark, I Heard That Song Before

  • I read Mitch Albom's For One More Day while sitting in Concourse B, Gate 10 waiting for my departure flight in Chicago. It is poignant, witty, and at times a little off-beat, but overall a deep read. I recommend this one for times when you are feeling a little bit more serious and introspective.

    For One More Day