Saturday, December 09, 2006

How I Write, By Janet Evanovich

I read this all in one sitting last night, so it was a quick interesting read. As far as information on how to become a best-selling author, I don' think that there was any tips or hints that I haven't seen before. The best parts of this book occured when Evanovich's humor shined through. It did give a good deal of insight into "how" she writes and "why", as well as why she changed genre's midway through her career.
Overall, this book was an interesting little look into the mind of a writer, cheez doodles and all!

Sexy Series with Bite!

I can't even begin to tell you how enamored I am with Laurell K. Hamilton's series of books involving Anita Blake, Vampire executioner and Necromancer extroidonaire.

I started reading smack in the middle of the series, which is more the pity, because then I had to hit rewind and find all the books that came before. Still, even as a series, all the books read independently and it wasn't too hard to keep up.

And I never take more than two sittings too finish a book. (In fact, I've devised a way to sneek my book into work, and pretend like I'm doing research or something. Don't tell!) Her books are heavy on suspense, eroticism and horror, but she combines them so well that even the person that says "I don't read books about vampires!" would be hard pressed not to become engulfed by these books.

So go ahead, have a taste. I'm almost certain you'll develop an appetite right away!