Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amazon Shorts for the Hottest Short Stories

Do you need your fiction in short bits, available when you want? Are you too overwhelmed to commit to reading a full-length novel? If you don’t have the time for a book, but still need you fiction-fix, consider checking out the wealth of short stories by your favorite authors on Amazon Shorts. These stories are in digital format, but you can print them out to read if you’d like. Once purchased, the story you choose from Amazon shorts will stay in your library on Amazon indefinitely.

Like literary journals and web-zines, Amazon shorts is very selective about the short stories that they except, and to even be considered, an author must have at least one book length work in print and available on Amazon. This weeds out those that are mediocre, or haven’t honed their writing enough to catch the eye of a publisher. So you know the quality has to be good. And buying Shorts off of Amazon is relatively inexpensive too! At an average of $0.49 each, you can read exclusive stories from some of your favorite authors. That brings me to another cool feature about Amazon Shorts—since these stories are exclusive, you will not see these stories in print or online anywhere else.

Here are some of my favorite authors and their Shorts available on Amazon:

Grant Jarrett
Gas’n Snack
The King of Retail

Richard Neal Huffman
Confessions of a Serial Killer’s Son
Bad Frank

Louis E. Catron
The Good Stuff

Elizabeth P. Glixman
Oneness and the Dog
Good Girls Don’t Get Sick

Robert Freese
The Thing in the Jar

And if you want to browse, the Amazon Shorts page is here at theAmazon Shorts Link

Amazon Shorts boasts every genre of literature and non-fiction you could possibly want, delivered in an easy format at an economical price.

Types of Amazon Shorts that You Can Browse Include:
Biography & Memoir, Business & Investing, Children’s & Teens, Entertainment, Gay & Lesbian, Health, Mind & Body, History, Horror, Humor, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction. Nonfiction & Essays, Parenting & Families, Religion, Romance, Science, SF & Fantasy, Serials, Sports, Travel, and Westerns.

I’d like to hear from you. Do you read Amazon Shorts? Do you have any favorite stories that you’d like to recommend?