Friday, February 16, 2007

Whale Season by NM Kelby Book Review

I just reviewed Whale Season, a darkly-comedic novel by NM Kelby over on the Reading Site at BellaOnline. Check it out, but here's a little bit to wet your literary appetite...

What do you get when you take a flailing RV salesman with a penchant for gambling, a card-shark Jesus who happens to kill people in his spare time, a female Strip club owner grieving the loss of her son, a cop who is always pining for women he can’t have, an aging blues musician with a secret, and a one-legged football has-been itching to make a comeback—then you throw them all into a floundering coastal town that once thrived on it’s namesake as a tourist draw, despite the fact that it doesn’t have whales, and never has?

What you get is Whale Season, a heck-of-a-good novel and an adventure in your armchair.

Whale Season

Monday, February 12, 2007

Discount Books!

I've just discovered a wonderful place to buy current Best-Selling books (fiction, non-fiction, children's & more) at a huge discount! In the past, I've paid a membership to Barnes & Noble ($25 I think it was) to get 20-30% off of select titles. It seemed worth it at the time. However, Bookwise has an annual membership for Preferred Customers that is only $15 a year. Additionally, they will donate $1 for each book you buy towards Children's charities and Literacy programs. Cool. Cheap books, huge savings and philanthropy-- what more could you ask for?

Check out Discounted Best-Sellers at Bookwise

I am BOOKWISE. Are you?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Killing Sea Book Review

Hello again! I want to share with you a terrific YA book that I just reviewed on BellaOnline. Don't let the YA fool you though, this book is worthy of adult attention too! Check it out! (click on the photo)

The Killing Sea by Richard Lewis

The whole world watched when the footage of the tsunami rolled over the airwaves the day after Christmas in 2004, but how much could any one person really understand what it was like to live through it by video alone? In The Killing Sea, novelist Richard Lewis does more than show us the tsunami, he makes it real, he makes us live through it, swimming, fighting, struggling to hold on to life. (see the rest on Bella)

Oh, and Mr. Lewis was kind enough to mention my review on his personal blog, Novelist in Paradise!